Residents cut up over trims to grass budgets

Rider Gardens, Boston. Photo: Keith Bradbrook.
Rider Gardens, Boston. Photo: Keith Bradbrook.

Cuts to county council services have left a number of residents across Boston with growing concerns over the length of grass verges around the borough.

Several residents have contacted The Standard claiming that some areas are becoming a ‘nature reserve’, while others have raised concerns over dangers hidden in the grass such as dog poo.

Causeway East, Wyberton. Photo: Dennis Bell.

Causeway East, Wyberton. Photo: Dennis Bell.

One resident Keith Bradbrook, of Pilgrim Gardens, in Fishtoft, said: “Weeds and grass are now almost as high as people’s hedges.

“It’s a natural harbour for dog poo and ticks plus our beautiful estate is becoming a nature reserve.”

A resident in Rider Gardens, Fishtoft, who did not want to be named said it was not just the village that was affected, but said some roundabouts into the town did not look attractive to visitors due to the greenery.

Lincolnshire County Council is only funding two cuts a year at locations where overgrown grass ‘could cause a safety issue’ as part of a bid to save £750,000 annually.

It says the move protects other areas such as pothole repairs.

It has passed on responsibility for the service to a number of town and parish councils – something Mr Bradbrook calls ‘a joke in the growing season’.

Other grass cutting is paid for by local housing associations, or in some more recent cases has been paid for by developers.

A highways spokesman for Lincolnshrie County Council said: “The council can no longer afford to do everything it’s done in the past.

“We believe this new approach strikes the right balance – it keeps our roads safe, while ensuring the service remains affordable.

“The first cut will be carried out in May/June, with the second to be scheduled for later in the year, depending on the speed at which the grass grows back.”

So far Fosdyke, Kirton, Sutterton, Wyberton and Swineshead parish councils have agreed to cut some verges on behalf of LCC, and Boston Borough Council is doing the cutting in the town.

The highways spokesman confirmed the county council was ‘still in discussions with Fishtoft’ and said the authority would definitely be doing the first cut in the village ‘even if they do then decide to take it on from then onwards’.