Review of the Year: Market Place and Central Park suffer woes in September

Colin Martin and his pet parrot
Colin Martin and his pet parrot
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Confusion reigned over traffic and parking in Boston Market Place with concerns for public safety – and readers were telling authorities to sort it out.

Illegal parking, pedestrians feeling unsafe and vehicles causing obstructions had become a daily occurrence in the £2 million revamped Market Place.

Authorities pointed to police as being responsible for parking outside the bays at the time.

Police said they had issued 40 tickets and were monitoring the situation.

○ A hidden camera was being set up in Central Park in a bid to catch trouble-makers.

The borough council made the decision to deploy a roving hidden camera in the park after a spate of attacks over the summer.

○ It was revealed that one in eight children in Boston were obese before they even started school – and numbers were increasing as they got older.

Figures released by Lincolnshire County Council revealed the proportion of reception age youngsters who were obese was higher in this area than the national average of just below 10 per cent.

○ A local bird and his owner had become a bit of a celebrity around town.

Colin Martin caused a flutter as he wandered around town with Percy the Parrot on his shoulder performing tricks.