Review of the Year: The highs and lows of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in June

Yvonne Gunter with vandalised Jubilee fountain.
Yvonne Gunter with vandalised Jubilee fountain.
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The Queen celebrated her Diamond Jubilee this month and the borough of Boston joined in with her with various events around the area.

In Boston an event took place in Central Park, while villages pulled out the stops at their own events.

The Boston event was opened by The Standard’s Jubilee Queen and Princess Zonnita Haw and Eve Tointon who arrived by limousine.

○ Despite all the celebrations though, one ‘lasting tribute to the Queen’ lasted only two days before being vandalised and removed.

The Jubilee Fountain, in Central park was removed after two girls were seen standing on the top tiers, rocking it.

○ A Boston pensioner who put up a poster labelling religions as ‘fairy stories for adults’ attracted national interest in his story after he was told that it could be an offense under the Public Order Act.

John Richards’ story was picked up by Radio 2 presenter Jeremy Vine and also by the National Secular Society which planned to use him as a case story for fighting to reform the act.

○ The town’s Citizen’s Advice Bureau revealed that hard-up people in Boston were ‘fighting like heck’ to stay afloat, even if they had a job.

The branch reported that people were regularly queued up to use its service.

It said it had helped more than 6,500 people with more than 13,500 cases in 2011. It had handled £7.56 million debt in 2010/11 and said 45 per cent of queries involved benefits.