Review: The Hangover Part II (15)

The Hangover Part II (15)

FOR all of those who have yet to see the first Hangover, it was one of the decades funniest and unique comedies.

So, obviously, both the fans and Warner Bros wanted to see a sequel.

But does Todd Philips manage to deliver another great comedy? Well, yes he does.

Does he manage to make it better than the original? Well no.

The film follows the same basic plot as the original, with Phil, Stu and Alan waking up with no recollection of the previous night.

Only this time, the three find themselves without Stu’s fiancé’s little brother, and this time they are in the city of Bangkok.

The film still remains immensely funny, with some jokes even surpassing the quality of the original.

And while it does take around 20 minutes until the film really takes off, it is all part of the build up.

However, the film is not without its flaws.

It is very hard to make the sequel to a film surpass the original, and this film does feel like a carbon copy of the original at times.

The premise is almost exactly the same with that ‘we’ll go here, then there etc’ theme.

But the film is a must see and definitely the best comedy of the year so far.