Road closures planned for May Fair


The annual May Fair is due to descend on Boston from Saturday May 2-9 this year - with several temporary road closures planned.

They are as follows:

Market Place: Thursday, April 30, from 5pm until 11pm on Friday, May 1; Saturday, May 2, 10am-11.59pm, Sunday, May 3, 12.30-9.30pm; Monday, May 4, 10am-11.59pm; Tuesday, May 5, 11am-11pm; Wednesday, May 6, 11am-11pm; Thursday, May 7, 11am-11pm; Friday, May 8, 11am-11pm; Saturday, May 9, 10am-11.59pm and Sunday, May 10, 12.01am-12pm.

The Market Place will be closed to normal traffic from 11am on each week day - with barriers manned by a steward and access for deliveries will be allowed before 5pm.

No access will be given between 5-11pm when the event is said to be at its busiest.

The closures for Wide Bargate and Park Gate are the same as the Market Place - with the exception of Thursday, April 30, which closes an hour earlier at 4pm

Pen Street: temporary closures between the two car parks known as the Green and Cattle Market - from the junction with the southern narrow side of Wide Bargate and the junction of Tawney Street.The closures here are as follows: May 2, 11am-11pm; May 3, 12.30-9.30pm; May 4, 11am-11pm; May 5, 5-11pm; May 6, 5-11pm; May 7, 5-11pm; May 8, 5-11pm and May 9, 11am-12.01am.

Bank Street will be closed to traffic from Thursday, April 30, 4pm until 12pm on Sunday, May 10.