Rotary club gives solar lights to impoverished African village


Boston St Botolph Rotary Club has given an impoverished village in the Gambia solar lighting costing £1,400.

Villages currently rely on candles which are comparatively expensive and ineffective, as well as a fire hazard.

Darkness falls early in the evening and solar lights enable children to read and do their homework; education is their only way out of poverty.

The lights also provide greater security for the village community.

A spokesman for St Botolph Rotary Club said: “Our project will aid the security, education and economic development of the village.

“The fact that each recipient of a solar light is required to pay a daily sum to the village committee means that the project generates income as well as providing the all the benefits of electric lighting. This sum is less than the current cost of buying candles which means that affordability is not a problem. The money accumulated by the village committee can be used to buy more lights, generating more income, or to provide funds for other projects to generate more income for the village.

“The money saved by villagers, because solar lights are cheaper than candles, means that they have a little more spending power to further improve the economy of the village community.”