Rugby-playing reverend has lots to offer

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MOHAWK hair and rugby-playing are not two things you normally associate with a member of the clergy.

But the new curate at the Holy Trinity Church in Boston, the Rev Paul Slater – who counts being a youth worker as one of his previous roles – is a break from the traditional mould.

The father-of-two says he has ‘no problem with the idea of women bishops’ and used to think that one thing he would never do was become a vicar. But this all changed when he experienced ‘a call from God’.

He said: “Taking this path to Boston just felt completely right and where God wanted me to be.”

Originally from Norwich, Paul has now taken on his new role with vigour and is keen to make the church more accessible to both young and old.

“I have been in the role for three weeks now and the people at Holy Trinity Church have been fantastic and very welcoming,” he said.

“My previous experience as a youth worker helped me to learn what works for young people.”

Speaking about his bold hairstyle, he said: “I’ve had the mohawk for about eight months now, but I like to change the style to something else a bit different every now and then.”

Paul said he is keen to start playing rugby again.

“I’m going to try and get involved with some of the local rugby teams here, and hopefully do some training with them,” he added.

He and his wife Karen, a nursery nurse, and their two children Dom and Nathan, have now settled into their new home in Boston.