Safety warning after electric blanket blaze


Fire services have issued a warning over electric blankets after a woman required treatment for smoke inhalation on Sunday night.

Fire crews attended a flat fire in Red Lion Street, Boston, shortly after 8pm.

The blaze caused ‘severe fire damage’ to the first floor bedroom and moderate smoke damage to the rest of the first floor.

Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue administered oxygen to a female occupant at the scene.

The cause was a fault with an electric blanket.

Deputy community safety manager Steve Screaton said there were a number of simple steps to reduce the risks of electric blanket.

He said: “Most importantly, always follow the instructions when using your electric blanket. You should also check your electric blanket is in good condition before you use it, making sure there are no signs of fraying or scorching.

“It is also a good idea to have your blanket tested by an expert at least every three years. If you do have doubts about the condition of your blanket, bin it - it’s cheaper to replace a worn electric blanket than it is to replace your family and your home.”