Scooby Doos re-opens after fire

After more than six months, a shop in Boston hit by fire last summer has today (Wednesday, March 2) re-opened.

Scooby Doos has been closed since a fire at its premises in St George’s Road in August of last year.

The outbreak was traced to an electrical fault in an extractor fan, The Standard reported at the time. Footage from the time is carried at the top of this page.

Speaking today, owner Mark Rowland said the impact of the fire was limited mainly to smoke damage.

He said among the steps taken to get the shop ready for customers again in the wake of the fire included installing a new ceiling and laying down a new carpet. A new kitchen - the source of the fire - is also in the works, he said.

He said it was ‘brilliant’ to be back, adding: “It’s a new start again.”

This morning, The Standard found customers enthusiastic to see the shop open again, with one overheard saying ‘at last’.

Sales assistant Michelle Stark, Mr Rowland’s sister, said: “The customers are really happy we are open again and pleased to have us back.”

Sales assistant Kim Bills, who was in store on the day of the fire, added: “I have never felt so loved.”