Sea bass and eat it with some lime


This week our culinary delight comes from Paul Topliss, head chef at the Mill Inn.

Here he cooks sea bass marinated in lime and ginger.

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Lime and ginger marinated sea bass fillets on oriental vegetables and stir fry noodles


l 1 sea bass fillet

l 1 lime

l 3oz grated ginger

l Salt and pepper to season

l 1/2 carrot

l 1/2 pepper

l 1 bunch pak choi

l 1/4 red onion

l 1/2 packet egg noodles

l Sesame oil


l Zest and juice the lime and mix with the sea bass, coat the sea bass with the mixture and season.

l Soak egg noodles in boiling water until soft.

l Finely slice the onion, carrot and pepper.

l Remove the root from the pak choi and rinse.

l Place sea bass in oven pre-heated to 200C for 8 minutes.

l In a wok heat 3tbsp of sesame oil then add sliced veg, pak choi and noodles, season and stir fry.

l Place noodle mixture in a bowl and sit the sea bass fillet on top, drizzle with sweet chilli and serve.