Second warmest and driest year for town

WARM and mild have been the main words used to describe the weather enjoyed by the people of Boston in 2011.

The annual report by town weather supremo Albert Kirkham reveals that the year was the second driest since 1970 and the second warmest year after 2006.

The average maximum temperature throughout the year was 15.6C (59.9F) - almost two degrees Celsius higher than the average. The lowest average was almost a degree higher than normal.

June 27 saw the highest temperature of the year - with the mercury rising to 32.2C (90F). The temperature dipped to its lowest level of -3.3C (26F) on four days - January 29 and March 8, 14 and 19. There were 63 days in total when the temperature was between 21.1C and 26.1 C (70F and 79F) and 11 when it rose to over 26.7C (80F).

2011 was a much sunnier year than normal, with a total of 1773.3 hours of bright sunshine - the average is 1688.1 hours. The sunniest day was May 24, with 14.2 hours of sun.

Rainfall was measured on 165 days, with an average fall of 448mm (17.64 inches). The amount is significantly less than the average of 606.2mm (23.86 inches). The greatest amount of rain - 16.8mm (0.66 inches) fell on August 26.

Frost hit the ground on 76 days of 2011, and air frost occurred on 28 days. Snow and sleet fell on the town on three days.

Mr Kirkham, who has been recording the town’s weather for several decades, told The Standard: “The year is most notable for the exceptional dryness, being the second driest one since 1970. It’s also the second warmest year after 2006.”