Second World War artillery shells found at Boston waste recycling centre

Bomb disposal.
Bomb disposal.

Second World War shells, explosive caps, and ammunition for both guns and shotguns have been found at Household Waste Recycling Centre’s across Lincolnshire - the latest discovery in Boston yesterday.

Staff at Boston HWRC found a number of Second World War artillery shells in the scrap bin yesterday, Sunday May 15, and in March, found a number of live gun caps, causing the site to be closed to the public twice.

Ian Taylor, waste services team leader at Lincolnshire County Council, said: “Luckily our staff spotted these dangerous items and then took swift action to make the site safe.

“Safety of our staff and residents using the site is of paramount importance to us, so we worked with the Police and relevant agencies to ensure the shells were moved off site as quickly and safely as possible destroyed in an appropriate manner.

“On the occasions when people do bring these items onto our sites – it puts our staff and residents in extreme danger. We would urge people, instead of bringing these items to the HWRC, to call the Police on 101 for advice on how they can dispose of them.”

Earlier this month, elsewhere across the county, a number of live rifle rounds were handed in at the Grantham HWRC and shot gun cartridges were found at the Louth HWRC.