Seed firm’s help for charity grows

The presentation of funds from Boston Seeds to Buglife.
The presentation of funds from Boston Seeds to Buglife.

A Langrick seed business has given almost £1,500 to a charity working to protect the UK’s rarest little animals – from bee to beetle and beyond.

Boston Seeds has donated the sum to Buglife to aid its work in the conservation and development of habitats for endangered invertebrates.

It comes as part of a partnership between the two which last year saw Buglife enjoy reduced prices on seeds and plants at Boston Seeds.

Now, the arrangement is to include – subject to company performance – quarterly donations from the firm, with the recently presented sum being the first.

Invertebrates are vital to a healthy planet, Buglife says, noting without them the world’s ecosystems would collapse.

Buglife fundraising director Paul Hetherington said: “Buglife are focussed on improving the public understanding of the wider ecosystem, upon which so many of our beloved wildlife species depend. Although getting people excited about so called creepy crawlies can sometimes be a challenge!

“Already in 2017 we have planted over 20 acres of pollinator friendly habitat using Boston Seeds, an area larger than Peterborough’s Central Park.”

Boston Seeds has been supplying UK native wildflower seeds and plants for 15 years – from domestic gardens to national infrastructure projects.

Commercial manager George Wallis said: “Our ongoing collaboration with Buglife ensures we are protecting and improving biodiversity for generations to come.

“We hope that through our continued partnership with Buglife we can bring wildflowers back to every corner of the country.”

For more information on the work that Buglife is doing, visit