SENTINEL: Christmas safety, Post Office petition, CCTV and Business Awards


This week’s Sentinel column - which we have revived to keep an eye on all matters Boston - looks at Christmas safety, Post Office petition, CCTV and Business Awards.

Oh, I wish it could be Christmas every day...I’m guessing that song may not be on the play-list at the town’s Safety Advisory Group’s festive party! I am, of course, referring to the decision to pull the plug on the majority of this year’s Christmas events, including the market, disappointing many traders. This came after SAG – made up of borough council representatives and the emergency services – raised concerns for public safety after organisers had failed to meet deadlines for health and safety requirements. And then the blame game began – with the main force behind the Christmas events, outgoing BID chairman Alan Ellis, accusing the council of putting ‘every obstacle in the way’ they could. This brought a retort from the authority’s leader, Peter Bedford, claiming ‘BID left so many things undone’. He also went on to say that risks cannot be taken when the health and safety of the public are concerned – and he is, of course, right. But the real shame is that Boston loses out again. Why could these two groups not get their collective heads together and come up with a solution? I note Pescod Square has come to the rescue and will be hosting a light switch-on of their own with the Emmerdale stars – let’s hope that people still come into town and support the local traders. Oh, and I couldn’t let this pass without a mention to The Standard’s Daniel Jaines – clearly a good sport judging by him wearing an elf outfit on the front of this week’s paper.

I note that The Standard has posted a petition to the Post Office calling on them to stay firmly where they are and not move the service into WH Smith. It is great to see the town present a united front – with everyone coming together to disapprove of the move. I just hope the postal bosses listen... time will tell.

Watch out – there’s a camera about! Sentinel has not failed to notice the council shouting about how the new CCTV cameras are catching people carrying out unsociable acts in the town. And this is to be applauded. I am fully supportive of using anything like this to make the town a better place to live and work. And while we are on about cameras, Sentinel can only hope the councillors will be on their best behaviour, as I see the press will now, with their permission, be able to film meetings. Anything which opens up the council to more people can only be a good thing... but judging from some of the meetings, I don’t expect any Academy Award nominations just yet.

Sentinel always likes to end on a brighter note, and I understand a great night was had by all at the Boston Business Awards last night (Thursday). Congratulations to all those who won and were nominated. We really do have some great entrepreneurs and companies operating within the borough – and we should shout about their successes when we can.