SENTINEL: Market Place, shopping, Transported and more...


This week’s Sentinel column - revived recently to keep an eye on all matters Boston - looks at the Market Place, a new shopping initiative, the recent Transported event and more...

The planters have been in the new, new-look Market Place for a short while, but are the motorists really getting the message? Not if what Sentinel has witnessed is anything to go by. There still seems to be as much mayhem as there was before – albeit now squeezed into a smaller area because we have a large space cordoned off but very rarely used. How long before we have a new, new, new-look Market Place to admire...

* So, you can now ‘shop with your phone’ in Boston...well sort of. Sentinel was interested to read the piece about people being able to use their ‘smart phone’ to find discounts in the town. But as Sentinel understands it only two businesses have signed up – including a hairdressers, which is great if you’ve got a barnet like Brian May, not so great if you’re sporting more of a Zinedine Zidane look. One can only hope more businesses sign up or we may just have to use our phones for what they were designed for... ringing people – that’s if we can remember how.

* Did you go to the Transported arts event held recently in Central Park? Sentinel popped along for a short while, but couldn’t help feel a little disappointed by the numbers who turned out to show their support. Was it the acts, lack of advertising, or maybe just the great British weather which put people off? Sentinel can’t help but think that planning a predominantly outdoor event for October is not overly wise...why not run it during the summer school holidays when the weather (fingers crossed) should be better – although I appreciate no guarantee, and all of the children are off and can enjoy the activities on offer? This way all the efforts of the organisers/performers would have been appreciated by a wider audience.

* Last week, Sentinel raised an eyebrow over people with ‘Baby on Board’ signs who drive like they are racing to the chequered flag in a Formula One race... and the theme continues this week. While driving past a school – I shall refrain from naming which one, as I am sure it is a practice which tales place outside many – while parked in the yellow zig-zag lines (donating not to park there) why do some parents then insist on opening the back passenger door into the path of oncoming traffic? I know some people drive like idiots past schools, but surely parents can also do their bit to protect their children from harm’s way?

* So did you see BBC’s Question Time on Thursday? Boston flashed up momentarily – highlighting the show would be broadcasting from the town on November 7. Who’s going? And what questions do you want answering? Sentinel can’t help but think the producers decided to come here after the show from Lincoln earlier this year was somewhat dominated by issues around migration in Boston. Sentinel only hopes a decent panel is put together...and a good cross-section of topics is discussed.

* As promised, there was a nice tale about a cheeky little cat in this week’s Standard to offer a little light relief, along with a story about meerkats and a charity dog event... expect a few more animal-related stories next week... albeit this time a little more creepy - well, it will soon be Halloween!

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