Sibsey Trader Mill features on new CBeeBies show

Baby Jake waves next to a cartoon version of Sibsey Trader Mill.
Baby Jake waves next to a cartoon version of Sibsey Trader Mill.

A VILLAGE windmill has been used in a new production by the BBC.

Sibsey Trader Mill, appears in the introduction to the new CBeeBies programme Baby Jake a series of adventures starring a real baby.

In the stories, Baby Jake is the youngest child of 10 who lives in a windmill with his family.

His six-year-old brother Isaac is the series narrator and can understand Baby Jake’s giggles and gurgles, opening the door to an imaginary world.

Producer Maddy Darrall said: “We wanted to start and end the show with a windmill, set in the most beautiful countryside we could find.”

She said a couple of changes were made including adding a few windows and taking out a few buildings to make it look isolated.

She said the show hoped to invoke the nostalgia of being a baby.

Sibsey Trader Mill manager Ian Ansell said the company had called them last July and they had then had to wait until the wheat was just the right colour.

He said: “It was a novelty, hopefully it will produce a bit of publicity.

“It was quite an involved thing - they spent the whole day filming with us.

“It’s nice to see one of our buildings on the telly.”

Maddy said Baby Jake had an encouraging reaction recently reaching the number one spot on iPlayer.

She also said she had been impressed by Linconshire, adding: “As a film crew we have never been anywhere where we were served such amazing food.”