Sign of the times - Green man becomes green figure

Green figure sign on John Adams Way.
Green figure sign on John Adams Way.

FOR years pedestrians have been walking across the road with the green man – but not anymore at some Boston crossings.

Now, Lincolnshire County Council is rolling out new signs at pelican crossings, and walkers are being asked to wait for the green figure before they cross.

The authority says the signs are helping to keep the streets as safe as possible, but critics have asked if it is nothing more than political correctness gone mad.

Alan Bell, senior engineer at the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, said: “We need to do all we can to help keep people safe on the county’s roads. These signs remind people to cross only when the green figure is lit.”

He added that the wording of the signs varies across the county.

Boston borough councillor Ossy Snell said: “It seems a little bit like it’s seen as sexist. Women might think men are controlling if a green man tells them to cross the road.

“There’s so many of these silly things that people are bringing up, which nobody has ever thought about being offensive to anybody when they were brought in.”