Skills training scheme for housing tenants

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BOSTON Mayflower has joined forces with Boston College to offer specialist training for social housing tenants.

The course aims to help maximise the effectiveness of its customer panel by giving Boston Mayflower tenants the chance to work with experts from Boston College.

It will run for nine months and cover topics as diverse as budget planning, meetings, action plans, body language, participation, equality and diversity and team building.

George Bell, Sales Manager of Boston College, said: “We all increasingly expect products to meet our needs precisely. This tailor made course is a perfect example of how this mantra now applies to training.

“The establishment of Mayflower’s Customer Panel is in itself proof of the forward thinking culture at the housing association - enabling tenants to have an impact and ensure continuous improvements in quality and service.”

One of Mayflower’s tenants taking part in the training, David Anderson, said: “It is very interesting so far, and has helped us look at recognising our strengths and weaknesses.”