Something different for homeless

THE organisers of the Punk 4 the Homeless gigs in Boston are organising a weekend of music events which are taking another turn.

An event called ‘And Now 4 Something Completely Different 4 The Homeless’ is taking place from Friday, March 4, to Sunday, March 6.

This time, instead of punk bands, the organisers have called on a few different genres.

On the Friday, a gig will be held at the Centenary Methodist Church, Red Lion Street, from 7pm.

It will be headlined by ‘anthemic funkcore’ band Firefalldown (FFD) who have appeared on TV and radio including Kerrang.

Music magazine Rocksound said: “FFD are able to hone and focus their influences into a controlled, melody-driven sound, complete with positive lyrics and a smattering of restrained but punchy heaviness.

“This is fresh, summertime music.”

Also playing are Risen From Ruins, a Christian rock band who have been playing all over the UK.

They will be backed by local singer/guitarist Jay Landshoft and local band the Poor Geezers.

On Saturday, March 5, Firefalldown and Risen From Ruins will also be playing at North Sea Camp prison.

Finally on the Sunday, at 3pm, there will be an ‘alternative rock service’ at the Centenary Methodist Church.

The service will be led by Firefalldown and Risen from Ruins.

All the events are in aid of Casa Alianza, the street children’s charity and the organisers ask for a donation although one isn’t required for entry.