Special reunion held for 90th birthday

Pictured with Jean (centre) (from left) Peter, his wife Julia, and Thomas.
Pictured with Jean (centre) (from left) Peter, his wife Julia, and Thomas.

A reunion 46 years in the making has taken place between a Boston family and a former lodger of theirs from Denmark to help mark a birthday 90 years in the making.

Thomas Boesen, 69, of Copenhagen, returned to Boston last week – 46 years after he left it – to host a 90th birthday party for the town’s Jean Taylor.

Fifty years ago, Jean’s son Peter (today aged 68) worked in shipping at Read and Sutcliffe and the family put up several Danish lodgers that had come over to Boston on work experience.

“They lived with us for a year at a time and became like extended family and always maintained contact,” said Jean’s daughter Yvonne, today aged 58.

One of these lodgers was Thomas, who ahead of Jean’s 90th birthday last month, contacted her family with the idea of hosting a party for her in Boston as a gift for looking after him all those years ago.

Unfortunately, Jean fell ill just days before Thomas was due to visit and it meant the reunion between them took place at Boston’s Pilgrim Hospital.

However, the hospital kindly allowed Jean, on her 90th birthday, to attend her celebration for a few hours, hosted by Thomas, at the Mallard, at Westwood Lakes.

Jean said: “Thomas is a true gentleman and it has been a dream come true for me to see him again. He has always felt like ‘one of us’ but to still be showing his gratitude, by hosting my 90th celebration was so very special. It was an unforgettable evening.”

Thomas’ visit also saw him return to his old workplace, receive a tour of the docks from port manager Andy Lawrence, and see his old home in Skirbeck Road.

Yvonne added: “From the minute we saw Thomas, it was just like those 46 years were irrelevant.

“It was wonderful.”