Spooky guests get Halloween treats at Boston chippy

Hallowe'en at Woad Farm Chippy.
Hallowe'en at Woad Farm Chippy.

A Boston Fish and Chip shop handed out 150 portions of sausage, chips and beans to Halloween trick or treaters.

The Woad Farm Chippy, on Forbes Road, held its annual ‘Frankenstein finger, chips and bogeys giveaway’ on Monday.

Hallowe'en at Woad Farm Chippy.

Hallowe'en at Woad Farm Chippy.

Organiser Mick Taylor said the business ‘couldn’t believe how many people came through’ the door during the evening.

He said: “This is the third year we have done it and each year it seems to get busier and busier.

“We can’t believe how nice everybody was, the parents were brilliant.”

He added; “The messages of support we were getting on Facebook were overwhelming.”

Mick said the event helped thank the community surrounding the chip shop for their continued support.

He said: “We’re really lucky on Woad Farm Road, we feel part of the community and its great to see.”

“This was just a case of ‘it’s Halloween, let’s have some fun’ and it was made a great night by the members of the community.”

Mick said he had bought 100 Frankfurter sausages at the beginning of the night which quickly sold out, so they had to be replaced with 20 normal sausages which also ended up selling out.

Mick, who also runs other businesses and community initiatives in the town including the Black Sluice Lock Cottages and TaylorItex, praised the effort that had gone into this year’s Halloween costumes and decorations.

He said he had carried out some home deliveries during the night and thought the Woad Farm and Wellington Road estates were the busiest.

He said: “Some of the houses were done up fantastically.”