Staff facing redundancy at Tulip

News from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardboston
News from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardboston

Up to 40 people face redundancy from Tulip in Boston, following a review of operations at its site in New Hammond Beck Road.

The company, which produces cooked, sliced meats to firms around the UK, said a number of roles within the slicing and labelling department at the site could be at risk as a result of the changes, which will see staff moving to a six-day operation and what is referred to as a ‘continental shift pattern’.

Consultation with the employees potentially affected by the change has now begun. A company spokesman has saidthose at risk will be able to apply for suitable vacancies within the company.

He added: “Although the announcement may cause a great deal of uncertainty at Boston, our priority now is to work closely with those colleages potentially affected to try, wherever possible, to lessen the impact of our proposal.”

The exact number of people faced with losing their jobs will not be known until the end of the consultation, he said, but the maximum number of people who will be affected is 40.

Changes to operations at the site, which employs a total of 345 people, have been made in a bid to meet the changing needs of customers and address the work-life balance of staff at the site, according to the company. The firm has sites around the UK.