Standard helps to hush Chinese whispers

A CHINESE restaurant owner in Boston has spoken out to thank those who supported him when rumours falsely accused his business of storing dog meat.

Wei Xian Peng, of Zhu Guang, in West Street, said he was relieved after The Standard tracked down the truth behind the rumour which had been circulating Boston and Facebook.

As reported last week, the origin of the rumour related to a Boston butcher who had kept his dead pet Jack Russell wrapped up in a box in his freezer awaiting burial. His town centre business has since closed down.

Mr Peng said: “Thank you very much for your help. I hope this rumour will end now - it’s business as usual at Zhu Guang.”

On Facebook people have now left messages supporting Mr Peng and refuting the rumours.

Tracey Thurlby wrote: “I’m glad the truth has come out about all these stupid rumours and malicious lies. Mr Peng is a good person and did not deserve this.”

She added: “I would like to say thanks for the story in the paper.”

The article was picked up by the national press last week, with The Sun, The Mirror and Metro newspapers all covering it.