Storm over floods risk

WORRYING statistics show more homes in Boston and Skegness have a severe risk of flooding than anywhere else in the UK – but experts have hit back at the figures.

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) released data yesterday (Tuesday) revealing the constituency is top of the at-risk list, with 7,550 homes in significant danger of flooding.

The ABI warned that homes in the area with the highest flood risk – more than a one in 75 chance in a given year – would be facing issues organising insurance following the expiration of a Government agreement with insurers to provide cover in 2013.

The news comes as the Environment Agency is preparing to build the £45 million Boston tidal barrier, intended to reduce the chance of flooding in the town six-fold.

Peter Bedford, leader of Boston Borough Council, said the insurance companies had used a ‘broad-brush assessment’ of the risk, and advised those seeking insurance used local brokers who were aware of the flooding risk in the area.

He added: “The Boston area has had no significant flooding in more than 200 years precisely because flood defences and drainage systems have been constantly improved since that time, but it is essential that they continue to be improved.

“The proposed Tidal Barrier Scheme will increase the standard of protection to one in 300. This is a multi-million pound project which will provide Boston with some of the best protection in the country.”