Street cleaner is given hero status

Kevin Capps.
Kevin Capps.

A STREET cleaner and ‘have-a-go-hero’ at Boston Borough Council has become the UK’s first Local Government Hero.

Kevin Capps, 46, of Rider Gardens, Boston, has achieved the national recognition for the part he played in thwarting an alleged robbery attempt in Boston Market Place.

The title has been awarded by The Guardian newspaper’s Local Government Network website, which has launched a campaign to showcase and champion work done in local authorities all over the UK.

“Our first local government hero practically has his own cape,” it writes.

“Boston Borough Council’s Kevin Capps moved from street cleaner to superman.”

Kevin had been collecting litter on an early morning round in December when he noticed a man standing suspiciously close to a woman using a cash machine.

When he heard a cry for help from the woman, he rushed to her rescue and, with the help of a shop keeper and a member of the public who also responded, detained the struggling man until police arrived.

“I didn’t really have to think about it, someone needed help and I just reacted,” Kevin said. “It’s a bit much to be hailed a hero - I’m getting a bit of stick from my mates.”

Coun Helen Staples of Boston Borough Council said: “Sincere thanks and congratulations to Mr Capps for an amazing act of heroism. As a woman it is so reassuring that there are good men out there who are willing to risk life and limb in our defence.”

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