Stump repairs could stretch to £1 million

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Repairs to the flood-damaged Stump are now expected to cost up to £1 million - with funding being sought to fit two flood gates.

Mike Bartlett, director of operations at the church was speaking at a visit from MP Mark Simmonds, who was there to re-open the refurbished church shop and nearby Blenkin Memorial Hall.

“It’s looking like the cost for all the repairs is now standing at between £700,000 and £1 million,” said Mr Bartlett.

The MP was given a tour of the Stump and hall and shown the progress being made on repairs to damage caused by the flood waters.

He asked if measures were being taken to protect it from future flooding.

Responding, Mr Bartlett said: “Absulutely, we are looking to protect the building and are going to get flood gates on doors at the top end and we’ve applied for a grant to pay for that here, and also at the hall.”

Mr Bartlett spoke of how the church is having to use a temporary PA system and electricity supply and said some of the work will not be completed until next year.

Describing the church as ‘the historic building at the heart of Boston’ Mr Simmonds said: “It’s remarkable that in such a short space of time, such significant progress has already been made considering the damage that was inflicted on the Stump by the December floods.”

The Blenkin Memorial Hall hosted the first of its weekly vintage markets on Wednesday, with stalls selling flavoured scones, cakes, African teas, crafts and photos - along with café seating and music.