‘Suspended coffee’ project aims to encourage people in Boston to ‘gift’ a drink to those in need

L-R Miss Kamile Rekasiute of Finns Coffee Lounge, Mrs Jo Cunningham of The Little Kitchen.
L-R Miss Kamile Rekasiute of Finns Coffee Lounge, Mrs Jo Cunningham of The Little Kitchen.
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Cafés in Boston are taking part in a new initiative to help those less fortunate by allowing customers to buy a ‘spare’ drink for those who can’t afford them.

PCSO Natasha Ladbrook is trying to start up a ‘suspended coffee’ campaign where people pay for two coffees instead of one, with the surplus one left for collection by someone else.

PCSO Ladbrook said: “It’s not just for the homeless community, it’s for anybody in need. When I started I noticed there wasn’t a lot for the homeless community to get involved in.

“It’s a nice, charitable thing that people can get involved in. It’s nice for the people buying the coffee as well as those receiving it.”

So far, The Little Kitchen, on Red Lion Street, Archie Hardwicks, on Dolphin Lane, and Finn’s Coffee Lounge, in Fountain Lane, have all volunteered to take part in the scheme.

Each café has been given an initial startup amount towards the scheme and will run a trial period until the end of January to see how it goes.

Jo Cunningham, Little Kitchen manager, said: “I thought it was a good idea when Natasha came in to talk to us. It’s one of those things where we need to help each other - before Natasha had even introduced herself I practically said yes.

“You never know when life can turn around and you can be left in the same situation so you need to treat people like you would like to be treated inside.”

Mark Sargent, of Finn’s Café also praised the suspended scheme and said he hoped it would benefit all those taking part.

Any cafés interested in taking part in the scheme can contact PCSO Ladbrook at the police station or by calling the police on 101 and asking for her.