Sycamores closed for ‘family housing’ plans

The Sycamores, in Fishtoft.
The Sycamores, in Fishtoft.

A residential unit in Fishtoft is planned to be demolished and used for ‘family housing’, following a low demand for the service, it has been confirmed.

The last resident moved out of the Sycamores last month before a meeting to decide between several options for the building – and a decision has now been made.

Murray Macdonald, chief executive of Boston Mayflower, which owns the building, said: “After months of extensive consultation with our customers and following a board meeting, we can confirm that the Sycamores will be closing, due to low demand for this service and the site will be used for new family housing.”

He added: “The scheme is now empty with all residents having been found alternative accommodation which meets their needs.

“Residents of the surrounding bungalows have been visited and informed of the decision”

In documentation given to the public prior to the decision the association suggesting 16 family homes could be located on the site.

The said there was ‘proven demand for accommodation’.

The association says that bungalows could not be built on the land, because they would be more expensive, take up more land and be on land designated as ‘flood risk priority’.

The association said prior to the decision that planning permission and formal consultation would take place if this option was chosen.