Take a walk down Boston’s memory lane with our weekly nostalgia column

Dr Who star Tom Baker pictured with Park school children and shoppers during his visit to Boston.
Dr Who star Tom Baker pictured with Park school children and shoppers during his visit to Boston.

45 years ago...1967

A SIX year-old Swineshead girl was run over by a three-and-a-half ton tractor – but escaped with just a bruised leg.

What started as an innocent game based on her favourite television programme The Monroes, could have resulted in serious injury for Jane Margaret Proctor. Jane was playing with her friends when she ran out from behind some garages into the path of a tractor. The tractor braked but the bumper hit her and knocked her onto the concrete ground. One of the front wheels went over her leg.

Jane’s mother, of Butler Way, described her daughter’s lucky escape as ‘an act of God’.

BOSTON detectives were investigating an outbreak of fires in the town which was believed to be a result of a firebug. Forensic scientists examined debris taken from houses in a cul-de-sac in Woad Farm Road where there had been a chain of mystery fires over the course of a few months.

A TANKER driver had a miraculous escape when the vehicle ended up in a ditch with a branch penetrating into the cab. The fully-laden tanker left the road at Red Lion Corner in Revesby and ended up in a ditch. The driver, from the Louth area, was miraculously unhurt.

THE spectre of unemployment fell over British Rail’s Boston engineering sector. The axe was set to fall on a number of jobs in a reorganisation of the minor workshops in the area.

35 years ago...1977

A MYSTERY fire caused £10,000 worth of damage at a farm in Frithville. A workshop and store belonging to Gordon Grant of Bannister Lane, was completely destroyed. Two men were in the building when the fire broke out. One tried to tackle the blaze with an extinguisher but was beaten back by the flames.

DR WHO touched down in Boston in his famous Tardis before disembarking on the top floor of Oldrids store where he spent the rest of the day autographing books about the popular television series. Dr Who (Tom Baker) certainly proved a hit with the locals.

A FOSDYKE man was rescued from the swollen River Witham after a dinghy in which he and a Boston man were working capsized.

The incident happened at Lincoln while Denis Glenn, of Fosdyke, and John Lake, of Boston, both Anglian Water employees – were checking the flow of the river. Both were flung into the fast-flowing river when the rubber dinghy turned over. Mr Lake managed to grab onto safety chains but Mr Glenn was swept away. Luckily he was saved by a Lincoln man who put his leg out for Mr Glenn to grab before pulling him clear.

GOSBERTON Girl Guide Heather James, 16, received her Queen’s Guide award and certificate from divisional commissioner Sylvia Bowell, at a special presentation at Gosberton Methodist schoolroom.

25 years ago...1987

STRAY dogs running wild on a Boston housing estate were causing concern for a worried resident.

Deann Riemeger, of Broughton Road, feared a nasty accident would happen before long if something wasn’t done to control the roaming animals in Fenside.

The dogs were reportedly causing a nuisance to drivers and fouling the pavements and Mrs Riemeger said she was worried they might bite children.

“Sometimes there are four or five roaming together,” she said. “Surely, someone must own them, they can’t all be strays.”

FOGARTY in Boston announced 100 job losses were on the cards as the firm’s new bosses set about improving the company’s profitability.

Workers in the technical, engineering and administration areas were set to go and a further 58 from the complete closure of a factory in Billingborough, Sleaford.

AFTER months of rumour and speculation fast food giant McDonalds confirmed it was to open a restaurant in Boston. Building work at the former King’s Cafe in Market Place was expected to be completed by the summer.

15 years ago...1997

AN APPEAL was made to help a little crumbling village church from collapse. Parishoners of St Gilbert and St Hugh’s church in Gosberton Clough were looking for £140,000 to save their church after experts discovered the listed building was in danger of crashing down around them. An architect recommended they apply for the lottery cash.

TOP name dances at the Gliderdrome were facing the axe less than a year after they were restarted. Poor support for the events was blamed by manager Andrew Malkinson. He told The Standard: “We are quite prepared to concentrate just on bingo – but to be honest, we enjoy those shows as much as anybody else. The answer is in the hands of the patrons – if they want us to continue they have to be prepared to support us.”

A NEIGHBOURHOOD Watch Scheme was set up by frightened tenants of Joy Paine Close in a bid to combat the ‘endless crimes and trails of destruction’ in the area. At a meeting, residents were told by Boston police about the benefits. Tenants were also advised to put locks on their doors and windows to discourage people from breaking in.

Youngsters at Kirton Primary School’s nursery unit took on the role of firefighters after a visit to meet members of the village’s brigade. They visited the station as part of a topic on careers and used the hoses and had a ride on the engine. Following their return to the unit, they made their own little pedal-powered fire engines and hoses. The tots are pictured here aboard their new engine.