Take a walk down Boston’s memory lane with our weekly Pages from the Past column

At this distance he can't miss ' Adam Atkin aims a wet sponge at Martyn Cooper during the summer fete fun at Boston's Park School.
At this distance he can't miss ' Adam Atkin aims a wet sponge at Martyn Cooper during the summer fete fun at Boston's Park School.

70 years ago...1941

A FISHTOFT man was hailed a hero after rescuing a teenager from Hobhole Drain.

Edward Gridgeman Stimson, 34, of Washdyke Lane, dived in to save the life of 17-year-old Leslie Peters after he had been swimming in the river with friends and got into difficulties.

Mr Stimson came to the rescue after the youth’s friends were unable to save him.

When he arrived on the scene Leslie was under the water and Mr Stimson had to dive down a couple of times before retrieving him and administering mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

FRAMPTON man Mr W. H. Wilson adopted a rather unusual pet – a baby thrush which was found in the fields.

Mr Wilson fed and trained the bird to be quite tame.

It was free to fly around and would return when it was hungry to feed out of Mr Wilson’s hand. He was even able to stroke the bird.

A SIBSEY policeman was wounded in a dramatic early morning arrest of a Louth soldier charged with three housebreakings, subsequently escaping from Horncastle Police Station, and another charge of arson before his re-arrest.

It was a list of charges which made for some dramatic evidence in Horncastle Police Court.

BOSTON was facing a beer shortage with many hotels and pubs in the borough having to curtail their selling hours. Others got the message across by putting up ‘beer is short’ notices for customers.

50 years ago...1961

A MYSTERIOUS metal object fell out of the sky into a Swineshead woman’s front garden. The ‘thing’ – resembling a car bonnet – hit the ground outside Mrs H. Bowser’s home, but luckily she was inside at the time. “I was afraid to go near it,” she said. “After all, it might have exploded.”

The police showed up and said the object was harmless and probably part of an aeroplane. Later that day men from the Royal Air Force came out to take the object away.

BOSTON’S 83-year-old swimming baths, near the General Hospital, were closed because the water was deemed ‘not fit to swim in’.

Earlier in the day before the closure, dozens of schoolchildren had used the baths for their swimming lessons.

FRISKNEY’S farmer-racing driver Jack Pitcher crashed at more than 100mph at Rheims race course, hitting the banking and spinning round three or four times. Luckily, he climbed out of the wreckage of his car with nothing more than bruises and a bleeding nose. Mr Pitcher waved away a rescue helicopter and insisted on walking unaided to the pits.

30 years ago...1981

RESIDENTS of Brown’s Drove, Swineshead, were awaiting a Ministry of Agriculture report after several of their animals were found dead.

Mrs P. Lawrence told The Standard that the deaths, which she believed were the result of poisoning, had begun nine years previously.

Animals found dead included cats, a goat, a lamb, several chickens and pigeons. The RSPCA were also investigating.

THE age of those allowed to climb the Stump tower without being accompanied by an adult was raised to 18. The reason was said to be the increasing hooliganism and vandalism at the church.

The move also followed a recent incident where a young woman fell to her death from the church tower.

TV STAR Val Robinson officially opened Boston High School’s new sports pavilion at its annual barbecue event.

Mrs Robinson, who had family connections with Boston, and who had been capped 120 times for the England women’s hockey eleven, met pupils and parents and congratulated them on their fundraising efforts for the new facility.

The Algarkirk tuggers pulled off an impressive feat by reaching the final in the 680 kilo class of the tug-of-war national championships. Success at the top level hadn’t gone to their heads – as the squad continued to train hard twice a week for the rest of the summer season. Their efforts were to culminate in the European championships in September, when Algarkirk would take on top British and European opponents.

20 years ago...1991

THIEVES got away with almost £27,000 worth of leather suites during a raid on P and P Discount on Redstone Industrial Estate, Boston.

The thieves cut a hole in a fence of an adjoining property and then forced open the metal roller door to get in.

AIRMEN who were showered with letters and gifts from a group of Boston youths during the Gulf War offered a special thank you upon their return to Coningsby RAF. The group of teenagers from Focus One Youth Centre were given a special tour of the RAF base by the servicemen and many also took a ‘trip’ in the station’s flight simulator.

MINI driver Mark English, of New Leake, had a very lucky escape when his car plunged into the Fodderdyke Drain, close to New Leake Primary School.

Mark escaped from the mini wet, but unhurt, just before it became submerged. School head John Jackson said the accident highlighted one of the dangers of that particular stretch of road, being long, straight and narrow, but with a small hill 50 yards from the school.