Talk on going through prison and palace gates

A RETIRED teacher and actress, who found her vocation teaching drama and oral communication to prisoners in a top security prison, told club members that she was never afraid of her students – but the one thing she hated, and was always a little scared of, was the sound of the nine sets of doors clanging shut and being locked behind her each day on her way to the prison’s education department.

Yorkshire woman Marjorie Walker trained for the theatre as a young woman, acted for a couple of years, did some TV work for the BBC, then went to Canada where she acted and taught drama.

She returned to marry, and after her husband died in the 1990s she was desperately looking for teaching work - and found it at Full Sutton top security prison.

In the late 90s she was gratified to be given a grant to extend her work to other prisons.

Marjorie called her talk ‘From prison to palace’ on the strength of an invitation to a Buckingham Palace garden party four years ago.