Tattershall man ‘sped through villages to evade police’

Court news
Court news

A Tattershall man drove at speeds of up to 80mph through villages and Horncastle town centre to evade the police, a court has been told.

Callum John O’Meara, 24, of Auden Court admitted charges of dangerous driving, driving under the influence, possession of drugs, assaulting two police officers, and driving without a licence or insurance when he appeared at Boston Magistrates’ Court yesterday (Wednesday).

Prosecuting, Marie Stace said police saw two cars parked close together at Roughton picnic area at 10.57pm on April 24.

She said that as the officers approached, one car drove away and they lost sight of it, but the other car, a Fiat Picanto driven by O’Meara, sped off and they pursued it with their blue lights flashing.

Ms Stace said it accelerated onto the B1191 towards Horncastle and through Thornton but turned off into the village of Thimbleby and drove through the 30mph limited area at 50mph on the wrong side of the road.

She said the chase continued onto the A158 towards Horncastle at 80mph until O’Meara turned into Horncastle town centre through the Market Place to the Louth Road at speed and on the wrong side of the road, ignoring Give Way signs.

She said O’Meara eventually turned into Bells Yard Close, which was a dead end and he had to stop.

Ms Stace said O’Meara got out of the car and ran away but the officers chased and caught him.

She said O’Meara’s arms and legs were flailing and he hit one of the police officers who was trying to restrain him, bloodying his nose, and another officer who came to help him had his fingers bent back by O’Meara.

She said O’Meara appeared to be under the influence of drugs and he admitted to having taken some and also to having no insurance or driving licence.

Ms Stace said Ketamine was found in O’Meara’s cell while he was there and his blood was analysed, showing a reading of 495 microgrammes per litre of blood, the legal limit being 20.

She said that when he was interviewed, he denied assaulting the officers but said he must have caught them while he was protecting himself.

Mitigating, Michael Alexander said the Ketamine had been found in his cell after he had been arrested and before he was tested so he could have taken some while he was already in custody.

The magistrates ruled that their powers of sentencing were not sufficient and sent O’Meara on bail to Lincoln Crown Court to be sentenced.

He was given an interim driving ban until his appearance at the Crown Court.