Tattooist scoops another award for his ‘body art’

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BOSTON tattooist Ronnie Goddard has done it again - scooping a further two awards for his body art - bringing his impressive tally up to an eye-watering 21.

Ronnie, 27, who owns tattoo parlour Blood, Sweat and Pain, in Church Road, was recently crowned victorious in a competition held at Manchester Tattoo Convention.

“I won two awards - one in the female Celtic tattoo category, and one in the female black and grey category.,” he said.

Both of the tattoos were on the same customer - Tracey Blackamore, of Boston, who accompanied Ronnie to the competition in order to show off his work.

Ronnie said: “The designs are of a realistic face with a rose around and the female celtic design is a floral pattern with cherry blossom.”

Ronnie said he is especially proud of his latest creations and awards given the stiff competition at the event.

He said: “It is definitely my best win yet as there were more than 60 entries in each category - so I had really tough competition to beat off.”

The competition was judged by celebrity tattooist Dan Gold from Sky TV’s London Ink show.

“It is a massive international event with people attending from all over the world,” said Ronnie. “There there were thousands there across the weekend - it was huge!”

Asked what the strangest tattoo request he has had to do, in his three years in the business, Ronnie said: “I once tattooed a butterfly on a lady - in a rather intimate area down below. And just recently I did a tattoo of Only Fools and Horses on a man’s leg - going from his ankle up to his mid-thigh.”

The ex-Haven High School pupil said: “I have always loved drawing a pictures and a particularly love producing realistic portraits of people.”

He added: “I’ll have a go at anything - except tattoos on faces and necks - I don’t want to be responsible for those!”

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