Teenager threw glass at former workmate, cutting his head, in Boston pub

The woman appeared before court
The woman appeared before court

A BOSTON teenager threw a glass at one of her former workmates who she saw on a night out, cutting his head, because she felt he was ignoring her, town magistrates have heard.

Prosecutor Ruth Snoden told magistrates that Courtney Jade Robinson of Porcher Way, who admitted assaulting Luke Raggo by beating, had been at Boston's Assembly Rooms at around midnight on September 15, when she saw Mr Raggo, a former work colleague.

She said Mr Raggo was walking downstairs at the venue when he heard Robinson shout at him and, when he turned round, she threw the contents of her glass at him, which he evaded, but then threw the glass which hit him on the head, causing a cut.

Ms Snoden said Mr Raggo told police she had thrown a glass at his head a year before but he had not been injured so did not report it.

When she was arrested, Robinson told police she had been 'very drunk' and said that she had thrown water at him to 'get his attention', but claimed that the glass had slipped from her hand and she 'did not realise it had hit him'.

Mitigating, Michael Alexander said the two had known each other for under a year and worked in the same company but she claimed Mr Raggo had been ignoring her at meetings and that had got 'under her skin'.

He said they happened to meet and she tried to get his attention to find out why he was ignoring her, but it wasn't her intention to throw her glass at him but it had slipped out of her hand.

“She's horrified at what happened,” he told the magistrates.

Imposing a 12 month conditional discharge, the magistrates told her that if she couldn't control her drinking, 'don't drink'.

They also ordered her to pay £100 compensation to Mr Raggo and pay £85 in costs.