The fisherman’s life is a hard one

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MEMORIES of fishermen from Boston and the surrounding area have been preserved in a new book which has been released.

Memories of the Lincolnshire Fishing Industry, by local author Bernard Bale, is a collection of first-hand accounts and old and new photographs, used to tell the story of fishermen around the area: the conditions, the work, the people and their humour.

It covers Boston and Freiston Shore, and features an account of the life from the point of view of Boston man Mark Stopper, who has also worked on recording the life and times of the fishing industry and has himself braved the sea.

Mr Stopper said: “Once you’ve been involved in deep sea fishing, there is no other life that satisfies you.

“It is a hard life and no mistake.

“Sometimes you don’t think you are going to survive but it just gets into you and you are prepared to put up with all kinds of stresses, all kinds of injuries, all kinds of hardships and all kinds of disappointments because you are a Lincolnshire farmer.”

It even mentions how they kept themselves entertained, including the Gliderdrome and the town’s football club - Boston United.

It even includes some of the old fishing boats, including the Boston Fury, which heralded a new design in trawlers in the mid-1950s.

Bernard Bale, who lives in Lincolnshire, is a former Fleet Street journalist and still writes for various publications as well as doing broadcasting and public speaking.

This is his 20th book.

Memories of the Lincolnshire Fishing Industry, published by Countryside books, costs £7.99 and is available from all good booksellers, local garden centres and direct from the publishers.

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