The key to a long life is ‘just being content’

Elsie Gilding turned 100 years-old in Kirton on Wednesday. DD
Elsie Gilding turned 100 years-old in Kirton on Wednesday. DD

A ‘POSITIVE attitude to life’ and ‘learning to be content with what you’ve got’ is the key to a long life according to this Kirton woman.

Elsie Gilding turned 100-years-old on Wednesday and celebrated the big day with about 50 friends and family at The Chestnuts sheltered housing accommodation in Kirton.

“I’ve always been very content with what I’ve got and never expected all the world,” said Elsie. “I’ve taken each day as it comes, and although I’ve had a few worries along the way like everybody else, I’ve never dwelled on things.”

Born in Fishtoft, Elsie spent most of her early life working on the land before moving on to work for Woolworths at both the Boston and Skegness branches.

She lived for some time in Swineshead before retiring to The Chestnuts 22 years’ ago, making her the resident who has lived there the longest.

“I had a very good husband Frank and we would spend much of our retirement going out, doing different things, seeing new places and taking holidays around the UK,” Elsie said.

She added: “I think the most important thing is to just enjoy life.”

Elsie’s nephew Dennis Sharp and wife Barbara, who were there to celebrate their aunt turning a century old, told The Standard: “She’s always had such a good appetitie and really taken care of herself so maybe this is why she has lived for so long.”

Barbara added: “It’s great to see her celebrate this birthday - she’s amazing for her age.”

Born in 1911, Elsie arrived into the world just four days before the fated Titanic set sail.