Theatre show will honour Land Girls

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A THEATRE show ‘honouring the women who served their country working on the land during the Second World War’ is to be performed at Frampton Village Hall.

Written and directed by Kate Bramley, Back to the Land Girls follows the journey of two young women who volunteer to work for the Land Army during the war.

Buff is a city girl dreaming of being ‘just like Vera Lynn’ and Biddy is a hopelessly romantic country girl.

It promises a family show with plenty of good humour and music, suitable for all ages, which joins the two on a journey of blisters, back-ache and banter as they learn all there is to know about working on the land.

The adventures are based on writer Kate’s own experiences talking to real-life land girls who still live in the country.

Composer Jez Lowe, who won two Radio 2 Sony Academy Awards, has created ‘a wealth of musical interludes’.

The play gives an insight into the lives of Land Girls and more than a few laughs as it tells the story of two very different women thrust together into environments alien to them during a time of national strife.

Baddapple Theatre Co. is a national, small scale professional touring company based near York.

Back to the Land Girls was put together as the third show by the theatre company to tour across the region as part of a new project.

The show takes place on Saturday, at 7.30pm.

Tickets are £8 and are available from Clark and Son, Townbridge, Boston, tel: 01205 364379, Fossitt and Thorne, Kirton, or by calling 01205 722013.

The event is sponsored Arts Council England, Lincolnshire County and Boston Borough Council.