This braised lamb dish’s quite shankly delicious

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This week’s recipe comes from Joe Moore, head chef at the Ball House.

Braised lamb shank with an aromatic red wine sauce


l 4 lamb shanks

l 2 carrots

l 1 swede

l 1 large onion

l 2 garlic cloves (crushed)

l 1 parsnip

l 3 Rosemary sprigs

l 1 star anise

l 2 cardamon pods

l 1 sprig of thyme

l 1 bay leaf

l 2 tbls plain flour

l 1 tin of chopped tomatoes

l 200ml red wine

l 100ml red wine vinegar

l 100g light soft brown sugar

l 2 pints of stock


l Season the lamb shanks and fry off in a large pan browning all sides, remove shanks from the pan. Dice all the vegetables and using the same pan, sweat off with the star anise, cardamon, bay leaf, Rosemary, thyme and garlic without browning.

l Add the red wine, red wine vinegar and sugar and reduce down until barely any liquid is left.

l Add the flour and stir until smooth, add the stock in two halves bringing to the boil each time.

l Finish the sauce with the chopped tomatoes.

l Place the shanks in a large roasting tray and cover them with the sauce, braise in the oven on 200 degrees for about three hours until the meat starts to leave the bone.

l Serve on Mashed Potatoes covering the shank with the Sauce.

NOTE: any vegetables can be used in this sauce or for a slightly sweeter sauce add a tablespoon of red currant jelly before braising the shanks.