This will mean the world to David

A Boston family say their lives have been transformed by the ‘Helping Hands’ of a charity and its team of volunteers who made over their garden.

David Hauseham has been unable to get outside into the family garden as he has a degenerative condition called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy which affects all his muscles and means he uses a wheelchair.

But in a Ground Force style makeover, charity WellChild recruited a small taskforce of volunteers and transformed the garden into an accessible space in just two days.

David’s mum and dad Nigel say the transformation means ‘the absolute world to us’.

WellChild took on the makeover of the garden as one of its ‘Helping Hands’ projects.

Along with volunteers from international medical firm SOBI, the charity created a wheelchair accessible space for David.

They built a decked area and an area of fake grass leading to a cherry tree that has been planted to mark the work, called David’s Tree of Hope.They also installed solar lighting so the family can enjoy the garden day and night.

Before the work was done, although there was a ramp leading down to the garden, the garden area itself had no accessible space.

Nigel said: “David has been confined indoors with no way of getting outside.

“What the charity and the volunteers who helped have done for us in just a couple of days is unbelievable.

“It means the absolute world to us.

“To see the smile on David’s face when he saw it was fantastic. That’s what it is all about for us.

“He’s been really excited to see what’s been done. You could see he was really overwhelmed and enjoying seeing the garden properly.”

WellChild Helping Hands Project Manager Luke Brown said: “We were delighted to be able to help David and his family and we are sure the new garden will be more accessible for David and allow him to spend quality time out in the garden with friends and family.

“We couldn’t have completed the project without the fantastic help from the volunteers from SOBI and we would like to thank them for their hard work and enthusiasm.”

Nigel added: “It’s absolutely marvellous that a charity like this can come along and completely transform this space and transform our lives so we can now be together as a family outside.”

He praised everyone from WellChild along with the volunteers from medical company SOBI who gave up their time to get the job done.