Thought fake licence would help find work

A LATVIAN man discovered to have a fake driving licence claimed he obtained it as he thought it would help him find working in the UK, Boston Magistrates’ Court was told last week.

Kristaps Meduneckis, of Rose Place, Boston, bought the counterfeit document in Latvia, where fake licences are frequently provided for cash, before moving to the UK about a year ago, magistrates heard on Wednesday.

The issue went undetected until he was found to be driving with no insurance and had to hand in his documents at the police station on May 25.

Daniel Paulson, prosecuting, said the licence had been poorly printed and the picture was on the wrong side, leading officers at the station to suspect it was a fake.

Meduneckis, 23, admitted possessing an identification document that was false when he appeared before magistrates on Wednesday.

Beris Brickles, defending, said it was false documentation readily available to many people in Eastern European countries, and many may not understand how serious the matter is viewed in the UK.

Mr Brickles added: “The licence was acquired because he believed he would need one in this country to obtain employment. It is serious that he has a false document in his possession, but he has not used it to deceive anyone at all.”

Meduneckis had not used the licence to buy a car until earlier this year.

The vehicle, which he was in when he was discovered to be driving with no insurance, has now been crushed, Mr Brickles told the court.

Magistrates told Meduneckis he must complete 80 hours of unpaid work as part of a 12-month community order and ordered him to pay £85 costs. They also asked that the fake licence be forfeited and destroyed.