Threatened to kill man’s pets

Keith Parsons
Keith Parsons

A blackmailer forced a vulnerable man to hand over £150 cash after threatening to beat him up, Lincoln Crown Court was told.

Keith Parsons turned up at the Boston flat of his victim demanding the money.

James Baird, prosecuting, said the victim, a 43-year-old man with learning difficulties, was then taken by Parsons to Barclays Bank in the town’s Market Place.

Parsons continued to make threats as he accompanied the man to the counter and stood next to him whilst the money was withdrawn.

The victim then handed the cash to Parsons who walked off.

A week later Parsons called at the man’s flat again demanding more money.

Mr Baird said “This time the defendant was making threats to kill the complainant and his cat and his dog if he didn’t give him any money.”

Parsons accompanied the man and the man’s girlfriend to Barclays but they arrived before the branch opened.

They sat on a bench outside but the victim’s girlfriend called police and when officers arrived Parsons ran off only to be arrested later.

On Wednesday, Parsons ,22, of Willenhall, Staffs, admitted two charges of blackmail following the incidents on 23 and 30 May 2014.

He was jailed for 30 months. The sentence is to run consecutively to a nine-year jail sentence imposed on Parsons in April this year following a conviction at Wolverhampton Crown Court for rape.

Judge Simon Hirst, passing sentence, told Parsons “This was plainly a planned offence. There was an element of false imprisonment in taking him to the bank and the complainant was vulnerable.”

Jonathon Dee, defending, said “There was a threat of violence but there was no weapon and no violence was used at all.

“He was asked to collect a debt on behalf of his cousin and he was over-enthusiastic in doing that.”