Three litters of kittens abandoned in one week

Two of the abandoned kittens which were picked up by the RSPCA in Boston. NA
Two of the abandoned kittens which were picked up by the RSPCA in Boston. NA

THREE litters of abandoned kittens have been picked up by the RSPCA in Boston in just a week.

Now the local branch is again urging people to take responsibility for their pets and get them neutered.

One litter of four grey kittens was picked up from a garden in Revesby Avenue on September 28, followed by a litter of white kittens dumped in the town centre, and a box of three kittens left dangerously by the roadside in Wigtoft Road last Tuesday. These were described as ‘starving’.

“Picking up so many litters in a week is absolutely crackers,” said Becky Harper, RSPCA animal welfare officer.

“The grey kittens were found by a council worker hiding under a disused sofa in somebody’s front garden. They are only four-weeks-old.

“I picked up three litters from that road last summer and gave out neutering vouchers but we have taken multiple litters in from there this year.

“If people don’t start taking the issue seriously there will be a major problem with stray cats.”

Only two week’s ago, the Standard ran an article about the RSPCA appealing for help with reports the majority of cat sanctuaries in the area are at full capacity and can take in no more animals in need

“My advice is to keep the mother cat in until she has been neutered and if you can’t afford to neuter a cat, you shouldn’t take one on,” said Miss Harper.

She added: “People need to ensure that at least their female cats are neutered. It’s important that people realise the statistics involved with a cat getting pregnant. Female cats can get pregnant from just four months old and as soon as a cat has had its kittens it can get pregnant again.”

All the kittens have been taken to the Ruskington kennels and will be up for rehoming when they are old enough.

To rehome a cat or kitten call the local branch of the RSPCA on 01526 834646.