Three more cases of persistent street drinkers go before magistrates

Police crime news.
Police crime news.

Authorities have said three recent prosecutions of street drinkers show they ‘do continue to use anti-social behaviour legislation daily’.

The three persistent street drinkers were dealt with at Boston Magistrates’ Court on Monday after breaching Community protection Notices (CPN) issued as part of a crack down on street drinking.

l Rodger Brackner, 59, of Wyberton Low Road, Boston, was found guilty in his absence of breaching the CPN on one occasion after he failed to attend the hearings on Monday.

He was fined £440 and ordered to pay a £44 victim surcharge and costs of £250.

l Rebecca Bulman, 38, of Carlton Road, Boston, faced five charges of breaching her CPN.

They were also proved in her absence when she initially failed to attend.

She was also in breach of a suspended sentence order and a warrant for her arrest was issued.

This was lifted however, because she then arrived late in court and was fined a total of £100 for breaches of the CPN and given a three-month DRR (Drug Rehabilitation Requirement) for the breach of the suspended sentence order.

She was ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £35 and costs of £125.

l Keith Bisby, 65, of Taverner Road, Boston, pleaded guilty to three charges of breaching a CPN and was fined a total of £120 and ordered to pay a £30 victim surcharge.

There was no order for costs because of his limited income.

He was told to undertake an initial assessment with Addaction and then undertake such work as required by them during a three-month period.

The three cases follow one earlier this year when another man admitted breaching his CPN and became the first to be dealt with in the country in this way.

Community Protection Notices can be issued under anti-social behaviour laws after people are dealt with repeatedly under the town’s Public Space Protection Order.

Under the PSPO, people are not necessarily breaking the law if they comply when asked to hand over alcohol by a police officer, however, details of the drinkers are taken and warning notices are sent out.

If an offender continuously ignores these warnings and is asked on several occasions to hand over alcohol they can then be dealt with under the anti-social behaviour laws.

This is just one route Boston Borough Council and Lincolnshire Police are using to deal with street drinkers.

Community Police Insp Andy Morrice told the Standard: “I would like the opportunity to reiterate, that if its reported we do deal, this clearly shows this.

“We do undertake our own daily patrols and try to target the hotspots, but clearly can’t be everywhere at once, but we do continue to use the legislation daily.

“The CPW (Community Protection Warning)/CPN are the remedies available under ASB legislation, so persistent drinkers get taken under separate legislation to the PSPO, as everyone complies with this and hands over their cans!”

Boston Borough Council’s portfolio holder for community safety Paul Skinner added: “It is sad to see local residents in court because of alcohol, but in these instances numerous warnings failed to have any effect on their behaviour.

“The council has a duty to use whatever powers it has available to remove this nuisance from the streets in Boston. The borough council was the first in the country to use the PSPO legislation, following complaints from the public about street drinking. And by now being the first to take legal action against street drinkers we demonstrate that we will use the powers at our disposal.”