‘Tooth and nail’ fight to get crossing on busy main road

Councillor Victoria Ayling with residents of Stickney near where they are petitioning to have a crossing installed.
Councillor Victoria Ayling with residents of Stickney near where they are petitioning to have a crossing installed.
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Victoria Ayling and residents of Stickney at the location of the proposed crossing. MBSP-181215-7

Spilsby Fen county coun Vicoria Ayling handed in a petition of more than 400 signatures campaigning for the crossing on the A16 at Stickney, to Lincolnshire County Council’s full council meeting recently.

Coun Ayling told The Standard: “I will fight tooth and nail to get a crossing here, and the petition from around 400 residents indicates how important it is.

She added: “This stretch of road on the A16 is lethal and is crossed by pupils from two schools, residents from a care home, and many others who live in the village who need to access the post office and general stores, church or the surgery.

“There have been many near misses, with people being run over, though thankfully no serious injury.

“It is only a matter of time before someone is killed or injured badly.

“This cannot continue and I hope that that the council will look into this as a matter of urgency.

In a speech made to the council Coun Ayling said the parish council chairman had been hit twice and an ‘incident’ had occured as recently as six weeks ago.

She said there were two bus stops on both sides of the road with a school bus stopping around the village.

She noted that the the Road Traffic Partnership use a section of the Stickney Main Road, in their speed awareness course.

She said the village had recently lost its crossing patrol, but added that even if they were replaced, the service would be inadequate.

The council has sinced passed the petition to the highways department, which said it has looked at the road previously and will return to that section again in the new year.

Executive member for highways Coun Richard Davies said: “I would like to thank residents of Stickney for raising the matter with us and we will be looking at Main Road in the new year to see if anything can be done to improve road safety.

“We take any safety concerns seriously and we will assess if a new crossing is justified by scoring it against the criteria in our policy.

“This considers how busy the road is, the volume of traffic, movements of pedestrians and any accident history.”