Top prizes for town's treasures

PRESERVING the past has put Boston on the heritage map.

Judges for the National Civic Pride Awards were so impressed by efforts to keep Boston Stump and Fydell House in order that they singled both of them out for prestigious prizes.

Boston Borough Council nominated both buildings for the awards.

Planning committee chairman Coun Peter Bedford said: "This is a marvellous achievement for Boston."

On-going preservation work at the Stump was enough to convince the judges the building and those behind looking after it deserved a gold award – one of just two in the region.

Parish administrator Graham Stewart-Smith said: "We're very pleased and very excited to receive this award.

"We have a constant programme of restoration and preservation, for which we have two full-time masons, Phil Leonard and Tony Leonard, and all credit is due to them."

The church has stood since its completion in the 16th century, though building work started in 1309.

Fydell House, built in the early 18th century and now home to Pilgrim College and a branch of Nottingham University, was given a silver award to recognise Boston Preservation Trust's restoration work on its front walls, piers and railings.

Trust secretary Ron Coley said: "We are very happy indeed to have the recognition which has been given to us nationally for the work we have done locally."

He said the 140,000 project involved a 40,000 grant from English Heritage and a lot of hard work by trust members to raise the rest of the money.