Torch lights up the Market Place

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ORGANISERS believe that more than 20,000 people packed the streets of Boston to mark the arrival of the Olympic Torch.

The streets were lined right from Spilsby Road through Wide and Strait Bargate, the Market Place, West Street and Sleaford Road through to the Boardsides – when the torch left to head to Sleaford.

The London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) estimated that 22,000 people would come out to see the torch in Boston, and police Chief Insp Paul Timmins said he thought that had prove to be accurate.

He told The Standard: “It just looked fantastic. Everybody was really positive and there was a feelgood factor in the town.

“It felt as though everyone was pulling together in the right direction.”

There were about 20 police officers and 15 Pcsos on the beat, as well as officers from the Metropolitan Police to escort the torch and the event passed off smoothly.

Chief Insp Timmins said: “It was a once in a lifetime event, most of us are never going to experience that again.

“Just by the reaction you could see that everybody enjoyed it and the schools were on board too.

“That’s what we should be encouraging and if it requires just a little bit more policing then so be it.

“For one day or a couple of days we can do that.”