Town heroes displayed on bin lorries

The dignitaries and organisers of the new lorries with the artworks on display.
The dignitaries and organisers of the new lorries with the artworks on display.

Heroes of Boston are being honoured with 12 new artworks featured on six bin lorries launched recently.

The lorries were parked up in Boston Market Place on Thursday for a launch event, which included picture opportunities and a horn salute.

The colourful images by artist Sarah Brown feature community heroes from the area selected from more than 50 nominations.

Due to the number received the images include multiple people and roles set against familiar Boston backdrops.

Sarah said she was able to use around 25 of the nominations received through that process.

She said: “It was one of those projects where the idea for acknowledging the work of volunteers in the community just immediately occurred to me.

“It has been great to work on and I have met loads of wonderful people.”

Nominations were received through a number of channels including a social media campaign and other events

Sarah was commissioned by Transported – the Boston and South Holland organisation tasked with promoting the arts in areas of low engagement.

Transported organised the project in partnership with Boston Borough Council and Arts Heritage England.

The lorries will take the art to every household in the borough as they go about their normal rubbish-collecting duties, meeting the Transported aim of taking art to the community.

John Roney, chairman of Boston Mencap, and colleagues Karen Hamshere and Jan Roney, admired the lorry showing a scene from a Gateway Club meeting.

Mr Roney said: “Although the faces are anonymous the artist has captured the body language of the individuals so well we can see who they are.”

Here are details of some of the scenes depicted across the 12 artworks:

○ ○Refuse collectors gathering the bins in Horseshoe Lane, Kirton.

○ Next to Centenary Church where the vicar was nominated for his great work and help he gives to members of the community. Includes: Soup kitchen, volunteer litter pickers and the church.

○○ Pilgrim Hospital and the Maud Foster windmill including a hospital volunteer on the discharge ward, Pilgrim Hospital Radio, daffodils for the Butterfly Hospice and bird feeders in the trees.

○○ The High Street and Market Place in Swineshead including the parks watering team and Jody Raggo – a member of the Greenscapers – Keeping Boston Tidy.