Town is put on the Lego map!

Charlie Pickwell with his Lego Boston Stump. ahgfXWNFuYbXyu0HavkG
Charlie Pickwell with his Lego Boston Stump. ahgfXWNFuYbXyu0HavkG

Boston is well and truly on the map...thanks to a Lego fan from the town.

When nine-year-old Charlie Pickwell attended the Brick Show at the Excel in London - a haven for fanatics of the colourful square blocks - he was determined to leave a little bit of Boston behind.

The show featured a large map of Britain, where visitors could leave a model of their house or a famous landmark. And Charlie decided to create the Boston Stump.

Mum Amanda said: “Charlie built the Stump so anyone from the area who was also visiting could see Boston was on the map.

“He went through a lot of bricks to try to find the right kind of colours.”

Amanda, said Charlie, who attends Boston West Primary School, then had to try to guide a show official where to place the town’s most famous landmark.

“He was beaming with pride,” said Amanda.

Charlie, who attended the exhibition with his dad Dean, is a massive Lego fan.

“We went to see Father Christmas at Legoland the week before and Lego is all he is asking for for Christmas and birthday,” said Amanda.

And with Charlie’s birthday failing on Christmas Day he will be hoping for an extra large haul.