Town manager calls on people to stay on the ball and get your eyes checked

Michael Vines, 67, receiving an eye test by optometrist, Payal Odedra.
Michael Vines, 67, receiving an eye test by optometrist, Payal Odedra.

Boston Town Football Club chairman Mick Vines has called on people to get their eyes checked after being diagnosed with glaucoma during a routine eye test.

Mr Vines, 67, first noticed a problem with his eyes while struggling to read his newspaper in February last year.

Thinking he needed a new prescription for his reading glasses, he made an appointment with the store.

Mr Vines said: “At my last visit to Vision Express I was referred to the hospital to see a specialist as I had possible signs of glaucoma, but everything was ok.

“I was told that I am at risk of the condition as my mum had it and was advised to keep an eye on it.

“As soon as I realised I had to keep going to the window for better light to read my paper for the horse racing, which I enjoy quite a lot, I thought I’d best get checked out again.”

Following his eye test the optometrist made him a referral to see a consultant and he was diagnosed with primary open-angle glaucoma in his right eye.

Glaucoma is a group of eye conditions in which the optic nerve is damaged where it leaves the eye, resulting in misty and patchy vision and a gradual loss of sight.

While the damage caused is irreversible, treatment and regular monitoring can help slow or prevent vision loss, especially if detected in its early stage.

Michael was prescribed a lifelong treatment of eye drops, which he will use daily to lower the pressure in his eye and help retain useful sight.

“The drops are just part of my everyday routine now and are helping; they don’t sting or cause blurriness - it’s a small price to pay rather than go blind.”

He will also have regular hospital check-ups and eye tests to monitor the condition.

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