Town memories raise Stump cash

Ralph Ottery and Dudley Bryant
Ralph Ottery and Dudley Bryant

THERE is no disputing that Boston Market Place has seen a lot of changes over the years - shops once run by historic Boston families are now outlets of national chains, and many shop frontages have altered so many times it is difficult to remember what they once were.

But a new book by Boston author Ralph Ottey is set to jog people’s memories, as it shows how the shops on the Market Place have changed in the 60 years he has been living and working in the town.

Proceeds raised by selling the book will be ploughed back into the area, as it is all going to the restoration fund at the Boston Stump.

Ralph, who began working in Boston in 1949, began researching the book after working for many years as a director of the Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce.

He said: “I was very keen to put on paper the changes that have occurred in trading circumstances in Boston over these 60 years.

“Now it’s really nothing like it was in 1949. Most of the businesses were owned by families with sons and daughters working in the shops. You thought it would carry on like that forever, but it hasn’t.”

Ralph and his co-author and photographer Dudley Bryant decided to donate proceeds to the Stump in honour of the church’s 700th anniversary in 2009.

Ralph added: “For me, the Boston Stump belongs to everybody in Boston. I would want to do anything I could to see that the Stump goes on forever and ever.”

An official launch event for Memories of Boston Market Place will take place at Johnsons Garden Centre on Saturday, from 10am until 4pm.